Friday, January 25, 2002

Post Production

A spokesman for director R. Strother reports that the new, still-untitled foreign film is finally moving ahead with post-production. The promised February premiere however, is in question. "The problem, really," the spokesman said, "is getting Strother to keep at it. There was an editing session last week that started well, but when we went to check on him we found that he'd spent the last six hours downloading videos of girls wrestling in marinara sauce. We're thinking of hiring someone to keep tabs on him." That might prove tricky, however, as Strother has a history of disappearing for long periods when a deadline is looming. Only last month he was spotted in a Los Angeles nightclub with former "Hee-Haw Honey" Misty Rowe on his arm when he was due at a scheduled meeting with investors some 1500 miles away. Adding to the complications of getting the film finished are rumors that investors will pressure Strother to release the film in a dubbed (rather than subtitled) print for domestic release. On this point, Strother has been quoted only as saying, "Over my dead body will they dub this film."