Thursday, June 20, 2002

News About the Latest Release

With a deadline looming, R. Strother is scrambling to complete the much-delayed latest film from Dog Food Productions. He even went so far as to commit to a firm date via a memo to the press. "The film premiere will be on July 27th. That's July 27th, 2002. Guaranteed. Now leave me alone and let me finish my film." One source who viewed an incomplete rough cut of the film described it as " incoherent mess... it should've stayed in the can another three years. No amount of retooling could help this picture." However, another anonymous informant reported that the film is "....a masterwork. Those lucky enough to see it will owe a great debt to director R. Strother." [ Note: It has since been uncovered that this "anonymous" source was R. Strother himself.] Travesty or masterpiece? On July 27th, the public will judge for themselves.