Monday, August 12, 2002

Premiere Problems

Controversy continues to swirl around "La Grande Salsiccia", the latest film from Dog Food Productions. Only after a crowd of near-celebrities and sophisticates had gathered on the evening of July 27th for the promised premiere was it revealed that director R. Strother had held back several reels of the movie when handing it over to investors. The result was a film without a third act, and many unhappy patrons demanded their 50 cents admission back. There was little surprise in the industry that Strother would pull such a stunt, as he was unhappy with the way the film had been unceremoniously yanked from his hands. A lawsuit has already been filed by the investors that would force Strother to turn over the remaining reels or the finished film by October 1st, 2002. Stay tuned for news on the grand re-premiere. (Early reviews of the "rough cut" are on the "Films" page.)