Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Speed Racers

Yes, friends, for once those nasty Internet rumors you've heard are true - the usual gang of Dog Food Productions idiots are regrouping for another film. We'll be participating in the 24-Hour Video Race, organized by the Video Association of Dallas. We'll be required to make a five-minute or less digital short in 24 hours, with requirements that are kept secret until the last minute.

Check this space in a week to see if we managed to pull it off, or if we just stayed up late and watched "Glengarry Glen Ross" for the hundredth time instead.

In other news, "La Grande Salsiccia" will receive its debut on DVD soon, in a packed special edition featuring:

• The remastered film
• Trailers
• Bios
• Four full-length commentaries
• "The Road to Ordure", a 95 min. documentary about the troubled history of "La Grande Salsiccia" and its affect on an unsuspecting public.

Note: some of the above statements may be lies.