Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back in the Race!

Two years isn't a long time to wait for an update, is it? Hey, rehab and detox takes different people different amounts of time, so cut us some slack. We're working the program, okay?

Anyway, after skipping last year, Dog Food Productions once again competed in the 24-Hour Video Race. This year it was from midnight-to-midnight, May 12-13. If you're not familiar with this exercise of pain and suffering, the Video Association of Dallas does it every year. You meet at midnight on Friday, they give you a line of dialogue ("That's what I'm talking about."), a location (statue or other public art), a prop (measuring device) and a theme (cover story). Then you have 24 hours to make a 5 minute film that incorporates those elements.

We're happy (and a bit stunned) that not only did we finish, but we advanced to the finals in our team category. I know, I know... recount, right? God bless you dangling chads. (What I can't use a joke from six years ago?)

The finals are Tuesday, May 23 at the Angelika Theater in Dallas. We really don't expect to win. Mainly because we couldn't get any more incriminating photos of the judges. These ones we had only got us to the finals, they can't help us anymore.

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