Friday, May 16, 2008

Dog Fight!

Dog Food Productions will compete tonight in their fifth "24-Hour Video Race", and the project already appears to be in jeopardy. Returning cast member Kelly Crosby has issued outrageous demands for the honor of his presence, including Evian water chilled to precisely 68 degrees; a no-nudity clause; and a stern admonition that any use of the words "tostado" or "cloak" be stricken from the script. Both Richard Lane and Cal Slayton, the team's most reliable members, have expressed doubt about their ability to endure Crosby's dilettantish antics. In addition, Dog Food star Jimmy Ghio is out of town and may not return in time for the race, and director R. Strother was reportedly seen late last night drinking solo from a Scorpion Bowl at Trader Vic's instead of getting the much-needed sleep the race requires. Does this brewing storm mean disaster for Dog Food Productions? Will this be a repeat of their freshman failure to deliver the video on time? We'll report the news here shortly, ugly though it may be.

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