Monday, May 12, 2008

Night of the Living Dog Food Idiots!

Hello, Dog Food fans. Be sure to watch this space closely in the coming days for updates, as the cast you love to despise once again participates in the annual Video Association of Dallas "24-Hour Video Race". This will be the Dog Food crew's fifth year (see earlier entries above) and this marks a reunion of sorts, with Kelly Crosby returning to the cast for the first time since 2003, and the potential appearance of the elusive Jimmy Ghio. Getting this cast back together was no easy or inexpensive task, as they all bear obscure grudges against each other. "Yeah... I guess I'm going to be there. But I am not looking forward to working with Strother again", said prima donna Crosby, fanning himself with a stack of 100 dollar bills. Ghio did not confirm that he will take part in the race, but does promise to wear pants for once if he does appear. Expect sporadic updates on this site in the form of a production diary from irritable director R. Strother leading up to, and after the race. Expect it... and then be disappointed.

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